The policy made to Art Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi writes in the news letter of November 14, 2017: The national football team for the first time in 60 years does not qualify for the World CupThe world's problems are others, for goodness sake. But sorry to see children and teenagers in tears because for all of us, we love to chase a ball since the days when they were playing in the streets and shouted "machine" when he passed a few cars, the world is always something magical. And I understand the tears of those kids. There are other political leaders who have taken the plunge like jackals on this story beginning with Salvini who gave immigration fault. Who knows football knows that the Salvini arguments are ridiculous: the foreigners are in Germany, France, England, Spain, everywhere and yet most of us have in mind the ' image of France multiethnic world champion in 1998. But regardless of this I believe that yesterday evening in some respects unfortunately "historic" imposes to the whole football movement reflection, prim is the President Tavecchio and CT Ventura. Football in Italy is an emotion fantastic but never before at this time needs to be fully refunded, beginning with how we are in the stands in the youth games we parents up to the television rights and the promotion of Italian football abroad. Do not participate in the World of Russia is a huge slap. Let us ensure that all aid to fundamentally change, immediately. We share the volunteers of the youth sector and those who believe in the magic of this sport. Meanwhile, however, a thought to those who put us face even today as it always has in the last twenty years and that yesterday ended with the national team: Gigi Buffon. Even in defeat you see someone who is a real man. Thanks Captain, hello Gigi.

The PD meanwhile closed a national leadership without fighting within itself and this is a surprise even to many of us. The summary is that we want to talk about the real problems of the Italians. In recent years we have done a lot, the real challenge now is the future, no renunciations and without vetoes. On this we are focused on this, and we will call to engage the best energies of the country such as Paolo Siani on the front row in Naples in the fight against educational and child poverty (here an interview in today's republic). And on this we are ready to make broad alliance without putting vetoes, not personalities. But we talk about Italy, please. We put at the center of people's needs, not political tactics. We will.

Even for this again the train. Last week I touched Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna. Today we leave yet to Vicenza, then Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy. Here are some videos. And the good policy will focus its eighth annual Leopolda (L8). The title will be MEETING. Why we tell many of the meetings this year, because we will be happy to find ourselves, because we'll ask everyone to be a leader of the Leopolda. We wait as protagonists, not as spectators. L8, on Friday, November 24 to Sunday, November 26. In the place where many of you we met and will meet again.

Thought the evening. For years I have said that Italy would be shared on the condition of making the reforms and stop with the resignation. At the beginning of the legislature's GDP was less than 2, now nearly two more if we look at the data released this morning (dare pay). We believed in many, they gave the optimistic crowds. But time is a gentleman distracted that sooner or later re-establishes the truth. With the same force with which I said that we would be divided, I say now that the best is yet to come. That one million jobs is just the beginning. What Italy can drive the revival of Europe. Provided that we do serious things, without pursuing snake oil salesmen and welfarism prophets. This, dear friends, is the reason why you do not give up. They can attack, insult, offend: we think of the good of Italy. A smile and go on, go together 


CASVA: Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art, Washington
Dear Colleague:
The History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. 1590-1635: Documents from the Archivio di Stato di Roma has recently moved to the platform of the National Gallery of Art website. The site's original features have been completely updated and re-edited to correct errors and inconsistencies as well as to incorporate new information. The newly migrated site provides faceted search components that allow the user to explore the documents by searching names, keywords, document types, places, notaries, and year dates. Search results remain as accurate and complete as before while incorporating significant enhancements. Researchers can now either select a single category for searching or combine guided searches in up to six categories.

Searchable names, currently numbering about 1,300, include those of artists and artisans as well as individuals constituting a wide swath of the population of Rome who transacted business with the Accademia. Personal name search now provides pages for all of the individuals mentioned in the documents, including references and links to the documents in which their names appear, with a new feature that indicates the role or roles they played in Roman society and/or the Accademia, if retrievable. For well-known artists who contributed significantly to the life of the Accademia, the site now contains artists' pages that include not only links to the documents in which they are named but also selected bibliographies, related images, and in some cases portraits. Finally, migration to the platform used by the National Gallery of Art website will ensure the long-term sustainability and extensibility of The History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. 1590-1635: Documents from the Archivio di Stato di Roma.

We are certain visitors will find that the new site offers improved tools for researching the early history of the Accademia. We look forward to your comments:


Peter M. Lukehart
Associate Dean and Project Director (The History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. 1590-1635: Documents from the Archivio di Stato di Roma website)
Image: Archivio di Stato di Roma, Trenta Notai Capitolini, ufficio 11, 1593, pt. I, vol. 25, fol. 426v (March 7, 1593), detail

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The demon of modernity. Visionary painters dawn short century.

Franz von Stuck, Sin, ca 1900,
oil on canvas - Zagreb, Museum of Arts and Crafts
The eruption of the modern world in the late nineteenth-century and her explode in the first three decades of the "short century" is the true subject of this amazing exhibition entrusted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo to Giandomenico Romanelli , curator of the highly successful exhibition that Palazzo downy has dedicated this year to The Obsession Nordica . A particular modernity, populated by angels and demons, including restless and ineffable, between conscious and unconscious, between foreshadowing of death and destiny of light.

It is certainly a show that can give strong emotions that mixes in vitalisms wild and ambiguous ethereal-outs, nightmares and dreams. An exhibit unusual and perhaps unique, and not only for Italy. It 'a journey, meaningful, strong, full of emotions that accompanies the darkest depths of the unconscious and does ascend to the terse brightness of spirit .

Along with some essential icons symbolist universe, will be presented works that combine the charm of the symbol and the freedom visionary and utopian ideal, by making the visitor a stretched between findings of an exclusive art and mysterious and dramatic representation and raw, sometimes subdued, the madness of war.

But, resistors and falls, what is staged is the irruption of modernity restless and stormy, a prefiguration of death no less than unbridled celebratrice a vitalism completely turned towards new achievements and new myths.
Even the languages ​​of art are renewed tumultuously, breaking the rigid schemes of each classical, traditional connections and space-time relations, introduce the movement, the extreme sounds, the contamination between genres.

This is not a narrative systematic: around incomparable figures of the new world, to angels to a destiny of light and darkness and cold sulfur surrounding the cursed and the outcast, the new forms of art open wide horizons unsuspected and explode above the rubble of the past and despite the overwhelming power of the modern ambiguous. 

To recount, interpret and live in their works these emotions are great European artists: James Ensor, Franz Von Stuck, Leo Putz, Odilon Redon, Arnold Bocklin, Paul Klee, Carlos Schwabe, JAG Acke, M. Kostantinas Ciurlionis, Max Klinger, Leon Bakst, Alfred Kubin, Felicien Rops, Gustav Moreau, Hans Unger, Lovis Corint, K. Wilhelm Diefenbach and Italians: Mario De Maria, Guido Cadorin, Cagnaccio of St. Peter, Bortolo Sacchi, Alberto Martini , among others. 
In a symphony that inevitably counterpoint to the music of Wagner and highly original images of New York'sGennaro Favai . 
Sascha Schneider, Triumph der Finsternis (Triumph of darkness), 1896, oil on canvas - private collection

For those who love great art, comparison with other arts and especially the strong emotions.

The demon of modernity. Visionary painters dawn short century "is an exhibition sponsored and organized by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo with the town of Rovigo, and the Academy of Concordi, curated by Giandomenico Romanelli.

THE DEMON OF MODERN. Visionary painters at the dawn of the century short
Rovigo, Palazzo Roverella
From February 14 to June 14, 2015


Media Relations:
Dr. Alessandra Veronese - Head
dr. John Cocco
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo
Phone: 049 8234800 (ext. 3)

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Press Office: STUDIO ESSECI - Sergio Campagnolo 
Tel. 049 663499;;

Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner in a Song of the road to the Museum MAN in Nuoro

"Song of the road" is the title of the double staff of Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner , scheduled to MAN Museum of Nuoro from next February 6th. 

The result of an imaginary dialogue resulted from a shared conception of the way as the engine of artistic experiences, the exhibition, curated by Lorenzo Giusti , presents a series of new works - photographs, wall drawings, drawings and installations - born from the common experience of travel the mountains of central Sardinia. Hamish Fulton (London, 1946) is one of the most representative figures of English art of recent decades. Along with Richard Long is considered the founding father of an international movement of "artists walkers ", of which the Austrian Michael Höpfner (Krems, 1972) is today one of the most significant exponents. 

The exhibition at the Man of Nuoro puts for the first time to compare the work of the two artists, identifying the trip in the mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu common ground for comparison. An experience of total immersion in the harsh nature of Barbagia eastern move that saw the two artists for two weeks in the same environment, without ever meeting. United by the same passion for the mountains and a common vision of artistic practice as an expression of personal experiences (even when done in a group), Fulton and Hoepfner open, through the use of different languages ​​- more conceptual than the first, with lyrics or graphics path, more visual than the second, with photographs and installations - a significant reflection on the role of art, the concepts of experience and creation, and the relationship between man and environment.

Hamish Fulton began his career in the late sixties, calling himself "Walking Artist", a way to distinguish their work from the practices of the Land Art who were initially united. His art is experiential, that feeds on long walking in natural contexts, especially in the mountains, from Europe to South America, from Tibet to Japan. Since the nineties declined part of their work in a participatory dimension, aimed at sharing the experience of the journey, which was applied and development in urban settings. LE His works are held in the collections of major museums around the world, from the MOMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Tate Modern in London.

Michael Höpfner lives in Vienna and Berlin. His work focuses on the experience of the journey on foot through the desert areas or sparsely populated from Ukraine to China, Kyrgyzstan to South Korea. A journey that began as an exploration of physical and mental geographical spaces and that continued as a reflection on concepts of reality and place. Among the most recent exhibitions include those at Kunstforum Bank in Vienna, the Kunsthalle St. Gallen, the Kunstverein in Salzburg, AR / ge Kunst in Bolzano and galleries Olaf Stüber in Berlin and Hubert Winter Vienna.

Will complete the project a catalog, published by NERO, with texts by Lorenzo Giusti, Giovanni Carmine and Muriel Enjalran. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a program of laboratory activities by the educational section of the museum and experience of walking to the public, in collaboration with artists and environmental guides of the territory. 

Museum MAN
via S. Satta 27- 08100, Nuoro
tel. +39 0784 25 21 10
times: 10-13 | 15-19 Monday closed

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Carlo Dog and his honest vision of the near future, the Skapigliatura Trino.

Carlo Dog and his work
Since December 23, 2014 al March 21, 2015 at the Gallery " La Skapigliatura "- Trino (VC), Via Papa Giovanni XXIII - will host the exhibition by Carlo DogAn honest vision of the near future "by Alessandro Beluardo

"Prior to observe the work of Charles Cane, try closing your eyes and imagine for a few seconds to make a dark journey into the future and find yourself in a new world, full of feeling lost. Now open your eyes: you are in front of large metropolis devoid of life of which only impressive buildings now uninhabited, as monuments to the memory of a long lost civilization.

Soaring skyscrapers, towering palaces, mighty dusty beings that dominate the scene in a context in which time expands to the point that seems to stop, a time in which man is no longer expected. 
We continue to fix helpless a distressing scene and assaulted by the fear of being catapulted into the desolate world, we seek in vain for a sign of life. In a moment without end, we expect from the corner of a street or a window appears a silhouette of a man.

In the works of Charles is a sense of desolation in the face of what could be the future, but the artist does not want to completely take away the hope of a different truth: are we really sure that within these majestic cathedrals contemporary there is someone watching us just as we are looking for? "- Alessandro Beluardo

Carlo Cane - An honest vision of a future upcoming
Trino (VC) - since December 23, 2014 March 21, 2015 al 
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII (13039) 
+39, +39 (fax) +39

Saturday, November 22, 2014

To get an idea of ​​the Cultural Center of Zerouno Barletta.

An expression of Cesare Pavese from the book ' The Moon and the Bonfires 'inspires another exhibition of contemporary art; always art is considered a form of expression grandiose and compelling point of reference for the artist pinning it in his own feelings and their points of view with extreme humility. The works of art are expressions in which to understand and say 'how is this world' away from curricula that create, vivid in intrigues of those who create them. 

Every work of art is the beginning of a long dialogue that must always establish, to lose yourself to remember, look, get excited, as for the many works of exposure compelling and engaging, intriguing and sometimes mysterious. 

Four protagonists who were confronted with majestic grandeur fit exhilarating between large canvases and small attractive formats. Laura Ajutyte is instinct that juggles on large media thrilling brio color: enthusiasm, determination, freedom and instinct dominate the art scene with determination grandiose between intense tones always well cadenced in gestural abstract addressed always to excite. 

Stefania Di Filippo lets talk about the matter from the delicate tones to inspire reflection. Matter is real perception that comes from a family history linked to the tissues and behold, history, memories and present alternate between large and small sizes in sublime visions refined tones and delicate. Drawn from the material leaves the audience becomes ill nell'iter dashed so excited to be found and since the same man is made ​​of matter. 

Laura Serafini gives an idea in imposing majesty using figuration unusual, alternative and brilliant: recovering ancient maps initially found by chance in a former antiques fair enters human bodies sign internalization dotted with incomparable grace and care. Great comparison between the old fund and contemporaneity of his art in a striking combination and for this sensational. 

Alberto Sordi leaves indelible marks with a figuration unusual tones seemingly gloomy but of unique elegance: speaking of modern times inspired from everyday life and also by the ancient traditions makes alternative treatments seemingly chaotic and poorly organized and so original. Spontaneity takes over the disorientation of which the entire composition enjoys identifying authentic great creations. 

[...] And when he had said something ended: 'If I'm wrong, correct me'. So it was that I began to understand that not only speaks to speak, to say 'I did this' 'I did that' 'I have eaten and drunk', but we speak to get an idea, to understand how this world goes. 

Cesare Pavese, 'The Moon and the Bonfires', (chap. XVII)

To get an idea
Barletta (BAT) - from November 24 to December 9, 2014
Via Independence 1 (76121)
+39 0883521891

Friday, November 21, 2014

Desired A100 Gallery in Galashiels.

On 14 December 2014, at 18.00, will inaugurate the exhibition of contemporary art " Desiderata "by Lorenzo Madaro with works byEva Caridi, Fernando De Filippi, Claudia Giannuli, Nicole Gravier, Christos Pallantzas and Bogumil Ksiazek . Will end February 20, 2015.

With Desiderata, opens its doors A100 Gallery , a new art gallery that is proposed as a platform for ideas and projects dedicated to contemporary. After a first test outdoor, last summer at the castle of Acaya, in Salento, with landing , double staff of Eva Caridi andBogumil Ksiazek , A100 officially opens its activity with an exhibition dedicated to Italian and foreign artists, often proposing works unpublished, designed specifically for the exhibition space of 100 square Alighieri, a cozy first floor located in a building of the early twentieth century. The space, recently restored and equipped with adequate lighting systems, will also welcome a space laboratory dedicated to seminars and workshops with artists and scholars of the phenomenon of the visual arts, which will be promoted in collaboration with galleries and public institutions.

"Opening a gallery at such a complex operation is definitely risky, I'm aware of - warns Nunzia Perrone , creator and owner of Gallery A100 - especially in an area such as Puglia, traditionally difficult to regard the market of ' art. But the passion for contemporary art, respect for the search of artists and cultural goals of our journey, we are told that such a commitment is necessary. "
Exhibitions, publications, workshops, seminars, site-specific projects in historical and urban contexts: projects A100 Gallery are indeed different and concern, with a double look, the Italian and foreign territory, including of course some significant voices - young or now consolidated - of Puglia, the region in which the project was born.

The inaugural exhibition, Desiderata, explores dreams and desires, overt and repressed, that belong to the reality and myth, art and life, through works (paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs and video) by artists as diverse, by age and geographical and anthropological.

In the curatorial choices of this first exhibition highlights attention to large-format works and an exhibition definitely essential and rigorous, that values ​​the works and takes the audience on a journey of discovery of ideas, projects, visions and illusions. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with an introduction by Nunzia Perrone , a critical contribution of Lorenzo Madaro and a testimony of the psychologist Andrea Zizzari . Inside, in addition to photographs of the works on display and the stand, even a complete biography, bibliography and exhibition of the artists invited.

A100 Gallery
Piazza Alighieri 100, Galatina (Lecce)
Info: + 39 335.72.24.233

For cannibalisms Chiara Cat is the turn of Momart Gallery in Matera.

After the success achieved in Lecce, at theContemporary Art Gallery Scaramuzza , and Bari, the Gallery Formaquattro , the first solo exhibition of young and talented artist Chiara Cat moves in Matera, in the spaces of Momart Gallery , new and vital reality kind exhibition in the heart Sasso Caveoso. 

The exhibition is the third leg of the traveling exhibition "cannibalisms" , debut of a larger project, called " Italian Academy ", with which thegallery Formaquattro , in collaboration with academic institutions and reality exhibition operating throughout the country, s' undertakes to enhance the search for young talent trained in Fine Arts Academies Italian. 

                     With the patronage of collaboration with

Association De la Since Mar
Info: 320.77.14.234

Momart Gallery 
Piazza Madonna dell'Idris 5-7 - 75100 Matera 
Tel. 334 971 4460 

Gallery Formaquattro
Via Argiro 73-70124 Bari
Tel. 080 5612271 Fax 080 2145926

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Portraits of Peter Pasolini in exposure to RossoCinabro Rome.

In the wake of the International Festival of Rome, still in progress at the Macro Museum , which celebrates the photographic portrait, RossoCinabropresents the works of Peter Pasolini 4 to 10 December 2014 an exhibition entitled " Portraits ".

The portraits depicting faces and stories of distant countries, all strictly in black and white, will be on display 4 to 10 December. From a young Pasolini became interested in photography and after they graduate to Saint Martins college of art and design in London, on a trip of six months in solitary.Inspired by photographers such as Jimmy Nelsonand Steve McCurry chooses to focus mainly on portrait photography so immortalizing the faces of those who live in remote places, isolated from the five continents. Eyes, eyes, wrinkles that tell stories, past, hard work and soul searching thousand words. The work becomes the representation of the ideal link between the photographer and the photographed person. Having confined admiration for Salgado press almost exclusively in black and white because it argues that the colors distract from the intensity of the shot, not allowing you to focus exclusively on the personality of who is portrayed. The photos, which are the result of three years of work and a total of four long trips, they can return the sense of artistic research of Pasolini. The fine art prints, limited edition of 3 in different sizes, are printed by the author personally. - Edited by Cristina Madini

From 4 to December 10, 2014
Location: RossoCinabro
Info phone: 06 60658125
E-Mail info:
Official website:
Mon-Fri 10: 30-12: 30 and 13: 00-19: 00 Saturday 10: 30-12: 30 and 13: 00-19: 00 Closed Sunday 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The art of Emanuele Luzzati in play to the gallery Il Vicolo di Milano

Emanuele Luzzati , artist and designer, born in Genoa in 1921, has worked with the gallery   Il Vicolo since 1975, the date on which dates from the first solo exhibition of the artist. Luzzati, for friends Lele, has worked with the gallery until 2007, presenting numerous solo and doing Il Vicolo its largest publisher of graphic. It is precisely for this intense activity of cooperation and friendship that pays tribute to the Alley, dedicating the first exhibition of the Milan headquarters.
Emanuele Luzzati "Lunch Saladin", 1985, pastel and collage on paper, 46x100 cm
The title The art in the game wants to be the key to represent the work of Luzzati in its complexity: illustrator, set designer, costume designer, author of animated films, ceramics, interior decorator, Luzzati has always expressed all these aspects creative through a narrative form that recurs in different modes of expression.

Luzzati himself wrote in 1985: " I always tried to tell stories or discuss them with all the means that we have available today ... " . With his extraordinary imagination and his ability to skillfully use poor materials, especially papers torn or cut out, has always "played" to build sketches of theatrical scenes, designing costumes, to illustrate fables or mythical legends, to achieve true and theaters and theatrical sets.

The exhibition takes place against the goal to take a look at this way of telling so unique in the diversity of the media: the exhibition includes thirty drawings and original collages , some of which have never been exhibited before, as well as some pottery , representative of his work: the illustration for children with fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the sketches of sets, drawings of costumes, animated film.

Emanuele Luzzati - The art in the game
Milan - 20 November 2014 and January 10, 2015 
Via Pietro Maroncelli 2 (20154) 
+39, +39 (fax) +39

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Discover the other Italy: The protagonists of the Made in Italy in the service of art

Discover the other Italy is the traveling photo exhibition sponsored by Expo 2015 and ENIT (Italian National Tourism Organisation), with the participation of the FAI - Italian Environment Fund. 

The exhibition, held in Palazzo Lombardia in Milan, home of the Regional Government of Lombardy, from 19 November to 18 December 2014, consists of 210 images (10 for each region and 10 for Milano) that capture unusual places of Italy, as well that villages, monuments, arts and traditions to be discovered, made ​​by 21 photographers selected from hundreds of applicants, and 25 portraits copyright of artists, actors, designers, and other sports, signed by Giovanni Gastel . 

The Milan stage of the project is of significance beneficial: the proceeds of the sale of the photos will be entirely in favor of the recovery of Villa Arconati Bollate, the 'little Versailles' near Milan

Discover the other Italy and The protagonists of the Made in Italy in the service of art
Milan - from November 18 to December 18, 2014
Via Luigi Galvani 27 (20124)

Monday, November 17, 2014

The city of Monza is home to two urban installations dedicated to the art of metaphysical Maestro Giorgio de Chirico.

On the occasion of the exhibition " Giorgio de Chirico and the mysterious object "the city of Monza hosts two urban installations dedicated to the Master's metaphysical. The facilities, located in Via Italy and Viale Cesare Battisti until February 1, 2015, have been realized by the artist collectiveParasite 2.0 thanks to the contribution of the Bice Bugatti Club of Nova Milanese.

The collaboration between 2.0 Parasite and Bice Bugatti Club was founded on the occasion of the 55th International Prize Bugatti Segantini, historic prize of contemporary art that has its roots in the cultural and artistic heritage of Nova Milanese with the aim of strengthening the supply of artistic territory, promoting local talent and promoting dialogue with Italian and international artists.

After this positive experience, the project Parasite 2.0 continues with the creation of installations inspired by the works of Giorgio de Chirico exhibited in the Serrone of Villa Reale. The two structures, realized through a modular construction with a high dimensional flexibility, are constituted by wooden rods and joints (Primitive Future ArchiTool) prototyped with 3d printing and realized with a system of injection mold resin from the digital model. The connecting element is made ​​downloadable from the web and allows, with its own 3D printer and with the purchase of simple wooden rods, reproduce indefinitely structure. The system maintains a variable geometry, depending on the observation points despite bases on a fixed and regular mesh of control points. The triangular panels dabbing some parts of the structure, the structure of connecting rods; break the geometry and also in addition a variable chromatic entire installation. Colors that we find in some of the mysterious objects painted by Giorgio de Chirico as the box in the foreground in the work " Meditation of Mercury . "

An innovative project that has become part of the archive of the online project Uneven Grow: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities , edited by Pedro Gadanho at MoMA in New York. 

Parasite 2.0 - Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino, Luca Marullo - born in Milan in 2010 with the aim to investigate the status of urban life and to develop devices for interaction and intervention on territory outside of conventional systems of contemporary architecture. He was invited to participate in various festivals of art, technology and national and international architecture including: "GranTouristas project" by Stefano Myrtles, XIII Biennale of Architecture in Venice; "Lo-Fi" by Elian Stefa, Wired Next Fest 2013. His works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions such as "Last Young" by Rossella Farinotti, 54th Prix Bugatti-Segantini and "SIAL" in LabRouge by Rossella Farinotti. He has given lectures at the Milan Polytechnic, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, at the Festival of Architecture in Trieste and at the New Generation Festival in Milan. He participated in the drafting of the "National Manifesto for spaces abbadono" Reuse of Time. Currently works in "The Third Island Ag '64 '94 '14" and the project "The New Ibiza" within the Bloop Festival Ibiza by Catherine Molteni.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Autonomous Hybridizations of Italian Pop Art salons square Autonomy in Torrenova

Exhibition organized by the City of Torrenova (Me), in the halls ofIndependence Square from a project of artistic directorsAlessandro Maio and Calogero Corrao . Includes a performance done by a group of students of the Art School State Capo D'Orlando (Me) edited by Mauro Coat , and an exhibition of paintings by artists who worked in Italy since the early '60s in continuous motion with the view international pop.

The event aims to highlight the autonomy of the Italian "Pop" International fact the curator Felicia Lo Cicero : " membership of Italian artists to Pop was very personal, so much so that the recovery of the gesture-usable material woven to images of consumption, rather than being converted into artistic symbol as mere reproduction, heading straight to emerge as an act of self appropriation and analysis on the means of painting, prelude to formal innovation and social protest " .

Italian Pop Art: Autonomous Hybridizations
Torrenova (ME) - from November 16 to December 15, 2014
Via Nazionale (98070)
+39 0941785060, +39 (fax) +39

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The attraction of Matthew Pugliese, Andrea Mariconti and Harding Meyer to point on the Art Gallery of Varese.

This evening was inaugurated the exhibitionattraction which opens the season of the Gallery varesina POINT ON ART , this year renewed and extended by a new upper space. MATTEO PUGLIESE, ANDREA Mariconti and HARDING MEYER are the three artists chosen to open this new year exhibitions. Three voices among the most original and interesting of contemporary Italian and international.

At the center of the exhibition - curated byAlessandra Redaelli - are the irresistible force of attraction of the figure and the power of the gaze.And 'the man, in fact, central to the work of the three protagonists. Told using very different languages ​​and yet parallel expressive power.

There are powerful and seductive bodies of MATTEO PUGLIESE (Milan, 1969), an artist who already runs regularly at auction - Christie's, Sotheby's, Pandolfini - with awards that have come to double the initial estimate. They are warriors from the suggestions classic, prisoners of a brute matter, educated at the height of the struggle, in the moment immediately preceding the release; explosions of force contracted sculpted in bronze. 

There are the faces of HARDING MEYER (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1964), huge, massive, grandiose; looks clear and hypnotic going to dissolve in a touch soft, almost ethereal, becoming icons of timeless beauty. 

And then there are the portraits of ANDREA Mariconti (Lodi, 1978), in the balance between the passion for minute detail, almost photographic, and the need to free the matter, leaving it to dissolve, it explodes, which is open to new explorations and the third dimension.

Matteo Pugliese - Andrea Mariconti - Harding MEYER | ATTRACTION
Varese - from November 15 to December 27, 2014
Viale Sant'Antonio 59/61 (21100)
+39 0332320990

Friday, November 14, 2014

On the thread of the dreams of the Library Loredana Albanian Monbook.

Poster of  "On the edge of dreams"
From November 29 to December 18, 2014 at the Library Monbook exposes Loredana Albanian in an exhibition entitled "On the edge of dreams", edited by Luigi Mastromauro

"The new works of Loredana Albanian are a worthy tribute to the lightness ... paper airplanes, sheets, butterflies, objects magically suspended in the air, an inspired idea that gives a sense of calmness, of loveliness ... wires that support children in vacuum with a natural delicacy reassuring.
In the works inhabit suggestive actions that are related to the game, in a poetic thought in a story, these spaces contain figures that seem graffiti on walls made of a material almost impalpable.
Each painting is a fragment of his intimate feelings, we are poised "on the edge of dreams ..." - prof. Luigi Mastromauro

"Lightness is a lifesaver current of life" - Ludwig Börne

On the thread of dreams ...
Works by Loredana Albanian
edited by Luigi Mastromauro
Opening: November 29, 2014 - 18.00
from November 29 to December 18, 2014

exhibition space:
Library Monbook
via Crisanzio, 16
70122 - Bari 

time visit:
Monday to Friday 10-13, 17-20
Saturday morning at 10 am -13
or by appointment

shows in support of the Association Eyes Strays

+39 3477607.401

Reported by the media partner " ilsitodellarte "

Thursday, November 13, 2014

World apparent contraction to Saman Gallery of Rome.

What I was asked to friends Artists who participated in this exhibition is to focus attention on what they alone (in addition to Nature) can create! Magical distortion of reality, unreal play of light and shadows, impossible deformations of objects, skillful and dramatic forms of expression.

Did you happen to pass by way Nicolò Piccolomini? It is located on a hill in Rome near the Vatican, and is basically the same height of the dome of St. Peter. Straight, flat, tree-lined, but the custodian of an impressive optical effect. If the turn into a revenue and proceed to the dome, which is highly visible on the bottom, you get the impression that this, as we come close, lessen considerably. If we proceed in the opposite direction, however, while you are away, you see larger photo. If the same thing you do in the car (possibly while driving someone else!) The effect is incredibly fast, real-time
However, it is evident that the size of the dome do not change, but only its relationship with the surrounding objects.

All this is certainly contrary to all experience that each of us has had in the past during the observation of objects and I assure you view it creates disorientation and disequilibrium. A scientist friend of mine who knows a lot of things optical, told me that the phenomenon is known and has a name: the contraction of the apparent world.

The works produced and presented were all up to expectations, beautiful, impressive. Truly a beautiful and original show to see.

Expose Artists: Anna Maria Ballarati, Iginia Bianchi, Hercules Bolognesi, Patrick de Magistris, Giovanna Cruel, Phoebe, Robert Kuzbinski, Angela Praised, Anna Marino, Havadi Nagy, Roberto Nizzoli, Ilaria Pergolesi, Ugo Pergoli, Fabrizia Sgarra, Giuseppe Hope .

World apparent contraction - Compete in creativity 'with Nature, and' possible?
From 15/11/2014 (opening at 18:30)
Until 21/11/2014
Gallery Collection Saman - Via Giulia 194 / A Rome +39 392 0525969
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 11: 30-19: 30

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dall'Erba the Fields to the Stars of Heaven - Nicola Magrin draws Tiziano Terzani.

On the tenth anniversary of the death of Tiziano Terzani his Italian publisher, Blackwell has published, after a study and selection lasted several years, an idea of fate , a wide choice from the diaries of the great journalist and writer.

To accompany the publishing event the TEA has inaugurated a series dedicated exclusively to his books, the " Works by Tiziano Terzani . "

The illustrations of the new covers have been entrusted to the young watercolorist Lombard Nicola Magrin, who has caught the spirit of the texts of the great Terzani with eyes sensitive and reflective mood and has been able to renew the successful collaboration between image and word that for hundreds of years our soul culture. 
The passion for nature, inherent in Magrin, his mastery of watercolor and his wisdom literature have allowed him to create works that have in them beauty 
and autonomous force. 

On display are presented twenty-four works, including the originals of covers selected for the hit new series of TEA; Also there will be watercolors new works especially for the exhibition, including some large format.

Nicola Magrin - Dall'Erba the Fields to the Stars of Heaven
Milan - as of 12 al November 28, 2014
Via San Damiano 2 (20122)
+39 0276013142, +39 0276004938 (fax)

Eleven masterpieces reveal the spirituality, passion, and haunting intensity for which El Greco is known. (Image: El Greco, The Holy Family with Saint Anne and the Infant John the Baptist [detail], c. 1595/1600, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Samuel H. Kress Collection)

November 2–February 16
West Building, Main Floor
With its small red schoolhouse set against a mountainous backdrop, this recent acquisition recalls a simpler era in rural America. (Image: [detail], National Gallery of Art, Washington, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon)

West Building, Main Floor, Gallery 68
Just in time for Degas's Little Dancer, groundbreaking research from the award-winning volume Edgar Degas Sculpture is available online and for purchase in the Gallery Shops. (print volume)
Venice 1548: Titian Looking at Tintoretto's "Miracle of the Slave"
Miguel Falomir, Museo Nacional del Prado, explores Tintoretto's influence on Titian. (Image: Jacopo Tintoretto, Miracle of the Slave[detail], 1548, Gallerie dell' Accademia, Venice)

November 9, 2:00 pm
West Building Lecture Hall
International Festival of Films on Art
Award winners from the 2014 edition of the annual Montreal-based festival are screened in two separate events. (Image: Still from Lucien Herve, Photographe malgre lui by Gerrit Messiaen, 2013, image courtesy FIFA)

November 14, 12:30 pm
November 15, 2:00 pm
West Building Lecture Hall
Image of the Black in Western Art, Part IV
David Bindman, Adrienne L. Childs, Kobena Mercer, Steven Nelson, and Sharmila Sen discuss themes of the book, Image of the Black in Western Art, Volume 5: The Twentieth Century, Part 2: The Rise of Black Artists, in a conversation moderated by Faya Causey followed by a book signing.
A 19th-century ballet rehearsal comes to life with a performance by the Kirov Academy of Ballet celebrating Degas's Little Dancer.

November 23, 3:30 pm
West Building, West Garden Court
The Gallery Shops are displaying an elegant selection of new holiday greeting cards and ornaments, adapted from works of art in the renowned collection. (Image: Card with detail from Frances Flora Bond Palmer and Nathaniel Currier [publisher], American Winter Scenes: Morning, 1854, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon)
Ice Rink
Take a spin on the ice surrounded by great museums, monuments, and large-scale sculptures by renowned artists. The ice rink is open November 14 through March 15, weather permitting.

Monday–Thursday, 10:00 am–9:00 pm
Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am–11:00 pm
Sunday, 11:00 am–9:00 pm
7th Street and Constitution Ave NW
Don't miss one of the most sensual paintings from the Italian Renaissance, on view since July to celebrate Italy's presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). (Image: Titian, Danae [detail], 1544–1545, Capodimonte Museum, Naples, Courtesy of the Photography Department of the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage for the City and the Museums of Naples and the Royal Palace of Caserta/Luciano Basagni, Fabio Speranza)

Through November 6
West Building, Main Floor
The Gallery is the sole venue to view this popular exhibition exploring Wyeth's lifelong fascination with windows. (Image: Andrew Wyeth,Wind from the Sea [detail], 1947, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Charles H. Morgan, copyright Andrew Wyeth)

Through November 30
West Building, Main Floor
6th Street & Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20565 | Map
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-6pm
Admission is always free

It's LIQUID News

.art news
October 31, 2014
follow us follow us follow us
hybrid identities

Call for Artists: Hybrid Identities . MECA Art Space, SpainInternational experimental video-art festival
Deadline: November 10, 2014
International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short films to include in the next 2014 exhibition:
Hybrid Identities, international experimental video-art festival which will be held in Almeria (Spain) at MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, on November 22, 2014. The event will be curated by Arch. Luca Curci(Founder of LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS, International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID Group). One of the videos selected for the show in Almeria, will be projected at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi on June 2015 during the 56th Venice Biennale of Art.
To take part in the selection, send your works’ submissions with a CV/biography, some still images of the video/films, links of videos/films via email to
Hybrid Identities explores all the different facets of social, physical and cultural identities of our contemporary societies. Everyday we deal with a multitude of different identities and roles: we face the public life creating and adapting our social identities; our body and aesthetic tastes modify and are modified by our physical and sexual identities; our whole being evolves as well as contemporary cultures and modern cities do. Differences create new compounds and exchange possibilities.
Artists, architects and video makers are invited to submit video art works, short movies and experimental films.
To take part in the selection, send your works’ submissions with a CV/biography, some still images of the video/films, links of videos/films via email to
Among all the selected videos which will be projected at MECA on November 22, 2014, one video will be selected to be projected in Venice at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi on June 2015 during the Venice Art Biennale. The selection of the winner of the Venice exhibition will be made by a contest with a public vote on Facebook. More details will be shared before MECA Art Space opening.
Deadline for applications is November 10, 2014
MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, is one of the contemporary art galleries more active and consolidated in Spain.
To take part in the selection, send your works’ submissions with a CV/biography, some still images of the video/films, links of videos/films via email to or via mail to:
International ArtExpoCorso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari, Italy
The number of works you can submit is unlimited. The participation in the festival requires an entry fee only for selected artworks. Participation open to: artists, architects and designers, associate groups and studios.
International ArtExpoCorso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)

Image courtesy of Daniel Pesta

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Beautiful and the True. Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples from October 30, 2014 al January 31, 2015

The Beautiful and the True "is the title of the exhibition to be held at the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples from 30 October 2014 to 31 January 2015: 250 works from museums, galleries and private collections from all over Italy, works immovable with 3D reconstructions and virtual navigation. The first show (in Italian) for "works speakers," in which the sculptures describe themselves to visitors. A trip between the real and the digital Neapolitan sculpture of the second Ottocenrto and early twentieth centuries, in which the works "come to life" thanks to a sensor and an app for smartphones and tablets.

The exhibition, which is curated by Isabel Valente was born from the need to bring to light the artistic landscape traces of which were buried too long, marginalized and neglected by historians from exhibition opportunities, " looks, expressions, gestures, leaving the matter, and not the subject, and tell stories of characters known and unknown faces of the people, crafts, scenes, views of Naples in twelve places where the visitor is led to the knowledge of the various currents of different artists, special moments that characterized those years. "

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From an idea by Vittorio Gucci, a fashion and art contest: # 26motiviperfarearte. A Milan.

Registration is open to the first edition of thecompetition of art and fashion designed byVittorio Gucci  called " # 26motiviperfarearte "to be held in Milan in the early months of 2015 (the deadline for membership: December 31 AC). The contest theme is free and does not require the participation fee but it is essential to have an age between 18 and 26 years old. # 26motiviperfarearte is completely independent and non-profit initiative by mechanisms lucrative, conceived and organized to give young creatives l 'interesting opportunities emerge through their talent and expressive capabilities.

The jury - chaired by Vittorio Sgarbi and composed of other big names such as Giorgio Forattini, Cristiano De Andrè, Jo Ring and Stefano Bidini - will select 26 works in all, officially presenting the fair Pitti Uomoin Florence, in January 2015: The 26 artists chosen will see their works of art reproduced in clothing, shoes, mobile phone covers, hats, costumes, sunglasses and much more (since the launch of the collection sold out, will be paid to the individual artist author of the work Art 3% of royalties (percentage of revenue) with a regular contract).

The exhibition of selected works of art will be held at the multipurpose space Milano Art Gallery(, Spoleto Arts and Venice Arts . The winners will be involved in a launch event in the context of Fuori Salone which will be held in Citta 'di Milan from 4 to 19 April 2015

For more information or assistance:

COUP DE FOUDRE # 1 in Contact Zone - Contemporary Art Gallery in Lugano

Contact Zone - Contemporary Art Gallery presents: " COUP DE FOUDRE # 1 ", group show of Francesco Ardini, Antonio Bardino, Kevin Francis Gray, Noemi Montanaro, Elena Monzo, Francesco Padovani, Flavio Petricca Tiberius , in Lugano, edited by Guido Cabib . Opening 16 Otto-ber 2014 hours 18:00 to 21:00.

"The artists, for the first time in Switzerland, presenting a series of works, paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations, new and made specifically for the space Contact Zone.
For a long time, the culture and mentality western art has been associated with beauty and aesthetic sense. Philosophers and intellectuals debated for centuries wondering if beauty lies in the work of art or in the eyes of the observer, or maybe both. This discussion presents the drawback of moving from a wrong assumption: the assumption, that is, whether the work is split up those who are stable entities.

We decided to introduce the public to "lougan" with a group of Italian artists who atraverso their innovative language comparing, in fact, with a large and acclaimed Irish artist: Kevin Gray Fancis . The artist, returns the aura sculpture but does so with contemporary accents. His figures are based on real pedestals, those from more traditional forms but they do it with tennis shoes or stilettos perfectly modeled. Even in the materials the charm of opposites: the whiteness of the old black marble, the gleam of bronze and light weight of the resin blend opulence of gold .The sculpture, traditional medium par excellence, see the work of the entire Gray complexity 'and the decadence of our time, through the choice of contemporary subjects and "borderline";

By now, be borderline, it is a CONDITION FROM typical of youth, who fell all the references of the past, as in every epoch-making revolution that respect, they are in a limbo that is neither past nor future. 
Women Elena Monzo have no country, are eternal figures in motion, fillers, even overflowing, cultural references and his "Painting" is transformed into a global media and without barriers. The landscapes are side views in the paintings of Antonio Bardino , pushing our attention to meditative silences. Montanro Naomi and Flavio  Tiberius  Petricca , the first with the " Taxidermy "and the second through new industrial materials, creating new monsters and new beauties, new habitat and imaginative beings, forcing the observer to collect your thoughts and direct them towards the intimacy and truth of our essence of being alive. Flavio for the creation of new forms of artistic careers has become the means to isolate themselves completely from the world. Through research in the area of white industrial materials, such as Dacron, polyethylenes, nylon, and polyurethane resins, shows us his loneliness is really a test case, a period of exclusive personal training, self-knowledge themselves to analysis within. Flavio recreates his lonely world by inventing unusual shapes but of royal provenance, which in fact makes it no longer alone. The series of sculptures of animals tassidermiche Noemi Montanaro imaginative and seductive, playing as a counter to the image of the contemporary woman, they become embellishing.

Culture is not only the product of the brain, is also a set of activities that shape the mind. The brain of each of us is modified by cultural activities such as reading, studying, listening to music, learn a language, play and feel like a work of art. We exist not to become telepathic, super heroes with divine powers, but in order to progress and improve. The artist looks, looks, sees, but what eventually puts into it's own internal vision of what is around him and feels. The artist looks at the same time outside and inside. " the artist acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way into the clearing , "wrote Marcel Duchamp . Through art we also gain emotional knowledge. It's art, often, that suffering becomes beautiful! We find this suffering within four shots of Francesco Padovani portraying a woman occluded and reclusive Western idea, that despite all the well wishes, obedient, silent, prostrate and motionless.

The brain is an amazing machine to generate knowledge through concepts, but there is a price to pay for a car so sophisticated: the knowledge that the brain is able to acquire are not always able to meet its ambitions or what seeks to express, so it compensates for this lack through artistic creativity. The art provides us with a wealth of elements that we - the viewer - can interpret. The contemporary ceramics byFrancesco Ardini bringing down all the fences that art history has erected to relegate the "Applied Arts" in a secondary space than that occupied by older sisters (painting, sculpture, drawing and even the technological image) ; are photography contemporary man who lives between decomposition and reconstruction, as it cruises in search of the future that perceives but not yet seen. "

Francesco Ardini (1986), born in Padua, lives and works between Padova and Nine; Antonio Bardino(1973), who was born in Alghero, lives and works in Udine; Noemi Montanaro was born in Naples, where he lives and works; Elena Monzo was born in Brescia, lives and works in Milan, Kevin Francis Gray (1972), Ireland, lives and works in London, Francesco Padovani (1952), born in Naples, lives and works in Lugano,Flavio Petricca Tiberio (1985), born in Rome, lives and works in Rieti.

from 16 October to 7 November 2014
Opening: 16 Otttobre 2014 from 18.00 to 21.00
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday at 16/18 or by appointment
Lugano, Via G.Pessina 8
Tel: +41 (0) 79 845 2266 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bari International Film Festival - Bif & st 2014

The appointment with the fifth edition of the International Film Festival Bari , Bif & st 2014 , is 5 to 12 April. The festival, directed by Felice Laudaio and chaired by Ettore Scola , is promoted by Regione Puglia (Tourism Department, Culture and Tourism) and organized by the foundation Apulia Film Commission .
During the eight days of the event are scheduled several appointments 332, of which 238 are projections. In addition to these, 54 have free admission, particularly for the Tribute dedicated to Gian Maria Volonte that contains a total of 75 well-appointments.
Between competition and out of competition, including replicas and retrospectives, will be screened 141 feature films, 44 short films, 40 documentaries and 14 special events presented in the Petruzzelli Theatre and 11 other city halls committed by Bif & st for exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Estoy Viva - Regina José Galindo at PAC in Milan

PIEDRA 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo of Julio Pantoja / Marlene Ramirez-Cancio

Commissioned and produced by Octavo Encuentro Hemisférico
of the Centro de Estudios de Arte y Política.
Courtesy of the Artist and prometeogallery
Press Release - The Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan opens the exhibition season of 2014 coming back to talk about the body, with a large solo exhibition and a new performance by Regina José Galindo , Golden Lion at the 51st Venice Biennale as the best young artist.

On the occasion of (but by invitation only), this evening, the artist will realize Guatemalan Exalatión (Estoy alive), an original performance designed for the CAP and Milan. intense action and poetic, a gesture of suspension and symbolic exchange between artist and audience, a metaphor for the relationship, always present in the work of Galindo, art, life and death .
Sponsored by the City of Milan Culture at MiArt, 2014, produced by CAP and Civita and edited by Diego Sileo and Eugenio Viola , Estoy Viv is in the first - and most comprehensive - anthology of never built. The last decade of the last century has seen a renewed focus on the poetics related to the body and action, only in apparent continuity with the experiences related to these phenomena in their step now historical. The performance is now returning to "insult" with new force the territories of art, through a reckless contamination of different languages, which allowed new forms of expression rooted in the present and unhampered by tradition and conventions. Work of Regina José Galindo, from the beginning, is related to these forms of active resistance, characterized by a new centrality of the body.

"The art, the real one, has little to do with the glamor, the fashion, the needs of the market. Not fancy, not pleased and not pleased. The art, the real one, absorbing the moods and the truth of the reality that surrounds and returns them sorted by the sensitivity of the interpreter, and sometimes the effect is to return a slap, or a scream - said the ' Department of Culture Filippo Del Corno - Milan is proud to host the first retrospective in Italy Regina José Galindo, sensitive and courageous woman and an artist who has already won, thanks to its ability to deal with universal themes as a universal language, and public criticism from many different countries around the world. A program that confirms the CAP as natural home, and prestigious for all of the most significant experiences of international contemporary art. "
Regina José Galindo (Guatemala City, 1974) is one of the most representative artists of the magmatic Latin American continent. His research embodies the dimension of suffering suppressed and removed, using your own body in a political controversy and, like a tool to reactivate the repressed trauma and do not forget the ruins of history.

Starting from the microcosm of his country, Guatemala, crossed by a state of perpetual instability and violence, the artist returns works uncomfortable, often brutal, in which his tiny body and a fragile is exposed to a series of public actions that use the metaphorical space of art to denounce the ethical implications related to social injustices and cultural discrimination of race and gender, and more generally all the abuses arising from the relations of power that plague contemporary society.
Galindo explores his own body, transforming it into an instrument of symbolic re-enactment of events undergone by the collective body, the so-called "social body". His actions, in a logic of total involvement, on the one hand reaffirm the commitment of the artist to materialize through violence and pain the criticality of this, on the other explicit a deep sense of powerlessness, calling into question simultaneously ancipiti the roles of participant and spectator.

Regina José Galindo explores the fear, anxiety and its consequences, in the first person by addressing the physical and psychological risk, going up to the limits of the imagination. His actions radical and dramatic return situations always unsettling and ethically uncomfortable, they become the instrument of denunciation aimed at redefining, once again, the blurred boundaries of art and life.

Estoy viva is divided into five sections, designed not as monads conceptual categories but permeable and interdependent: Politics, Women, Violence, Death and Organic. Five macro emergency issues, designed to present a panorama of artistic open-existential experience of Regina José Galindo and highlight the main areas of research, and worries the sake of continuity. A path built through short circuits and slips, from its origins to today, which combines some of its most representative actions and known as "las huellas borrar Quién puede" (2003), Himenoplastia (2004), Mientras, ellos siguen libres (2007) and caparazon (2010), more recent works and a number of unpublished works or never exhibited before in Italy, as Marabunta and joroba (2011), Descension (2013) or the touching La Verdad, (2013).
Her research, which focuses on issues related to violence, deprivation of rights and individual freedom, is so universal that it affects men and women all over the world meet and stories from every continent and reality. For this exhibition through a donation will support the work of Amnesty International, the independent non-governmental organization and self-financed since 1961 that defends human rights wherever they are violated.
All visitors to the CAP can contribute to support the work of Amnesty International on the occasion of the exhibition: simply choose the ticket donation, which is available in the entire formula (€ 9.00 instead of 8.00 with 1.00 donation), reduced (€ 7 , 50 rather than 6.50) and reduced special (€ 5.00 instead of 4.00).
Estoy Viva is realized with the support of TOD'S, sponsor of the annual exhibition of the PAC, and with the support of Vulcan.
To acquaint the public with complex and detailed work of the artist PAC doubles the free guided tours. Every Sunday at 17.30 and Thursdays at 19.00 upon purchase of the ticket to the exhibition.
On the occasion of the exhibition, a catalog published by Skira Editore, with unpublished texts by the two curators and Emanuela Borzacchiello , Latin Americanist and an expert on gender studies.
INAUGURATION (by invitation only) Monday, March 24, 2014 19:00
INFO T +39 0288446359
SOCIAL / pacmilano @ pacmilano
Hashtag # estoyviva
Barbara Izzo-Ariadne Diana T +39 06692050220-258
Ombretta Roverselli T +39 0243353527
Elena Conenna T +39 0288453314 @ elenamaria.conenna

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gallotti & Zoppi - Food and Design - 30th Anniversary

The excellence of the Milanese cuisine meets design: a mix of creativity to celebrate thirty years of Gallotti & Zoppi : On March 17, at 19.30, at the Cloisters of St. Barnabas , a special evening will see architects and designers such as Cooks protagonists. An event designed to engage creative excellence both within the Italian food than in the project.
To make this event possible, a selection of prestigious sponsors carefully chosen by Gallotti & Zoppi, which in recent decades have been able to gain the trust of their customers by focusing on the selection of High Quality products, and the participation of some architects and designers such as Valia Barriello Marco Ferreri, Henry tealights, Studio Mandalaki, Lorenzo Palmeri and Gianni Veneziano .
Creatives were asked to select the ingredients from those provided by the sponsors and experience through a dedicated kit done to achieve some tasty recipes that will be replicated during the evening. The decision to combine these two areas spokesman for the Made in Italy, came from the direction of Gallotti & Zoppi those dynamics that trigger and give life to a common thread between creativity, culture and genius loci.
Stands, on the whole, the ability to customize its offerings, using products such as SLIM line shows created in 1993, are synonymous with lightness and guarantee for the health of their customers.
SPONSOR: Abbascià, Agroittica, Alberto Verani, Calvisius Caviar, Emiliano Roberto, Fratelli Galloni, Friul Trout, Fumagalli, Ittica Gaudenzio, Monti & Zerbi, Morsenchio & Fillers
TECHNICAL SPONSOR: emporium, Matrix International, Party Rental.
Gallotti & Zoppi - Food and Design - 30th Anniversary
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 19:30
The Cloisters of St. Barnabas
Via San Barnaba, 48 - Milan

Monday, March 10, 2014

Memoirs of Iron. Second edition of the competition organized by Chiaravalli Group SpA and Fiera TPA ITALY, with Baldi Home Jewels and Art Talk.

Chiaravalli Group SpA , leading company for 50 years in the field of industrial mechanics, in collaboration with the exhibition platform TPA ITALY and with the agency Art Talk , has announced the second edition of the contest for emerging artists " Memoirs of Iron . "
Inspired by the company's products, artists are invited to create imaginative works using objects and components of recovery from his "workshop" to give voice to the stories and memories preserved under layers of rust.
The competition is aimed at creating works of art that combine the creativity of artists to the recycling of materials and mechanical components, to offer a unique vision of sustainable engineering sector.
The winning works will be rewarded by TPA ITALY and Baldi Home Jewels and will be exhibited in the Fair ITALY TPA , which will be held in Milano in Rho, 6 to 9 May 2014.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

-A-mici mici: Mail-Art on the topic of stray dogs and the cat.

Exhibition of Mail-Art designed by Maria Elena Costa, Virginia Milici and Simona Pocorobba at the Villa Borgo - Palaia (PI) on the subject of cat and stray dogs . This initiative aims to raise awareness, large and small, on the condition that this pet is sometimes forced to live, after being abandoned, or lost.
The three curators of the project - which have assets of the organization of the successful exhibition of never-Art a few years ago, " I, and my memories Pinocchio "- inviting artists and students of all levels" to give vent to their imagination and creativity "creating a Mailart on the theme of the Cat and all that surrounds them.
Participation is open to all, without any selection, free and without juries about. All Mailart participants will be exposed to the end of May in the garden of the Villa Borgo in Palaia in a festive show and at the end of which, leave a donation for any new surveys of the same structure.
Join with 1-4 Mailart maximum size A4
Title "-A-mici mici"
Freestyle, the free media
Arrival Deadline: May 8, 2014
On the back indicate: Author, technique, title, address (clearly)
No Return ( flyer or brochure will be sent to all participants of the show as I remember)
Send exclusively via Postal
Addressing to send :/ To: Dal Borgo Villa Avenue church 8 ZIP 56036 Palaia (PI)
M.Elena @
Contract with all the mode and see the full picture:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Julia Laddago Can you see me? Laboratory of Urban Cultural Workshops Bitonto

Press Release - As part of the cultural 10x10, ten artists for ten months, reformulated in the second edition by Amalia Di Lanno , opens Friday, March 14, 2014 at 20:00 in the exhibition hall of the Urban Laboratory Workshops Cultural Bitonto (Ba) shows the Photographic Can you see me? for Julia Laddago .

A simple question. A request for confirmation. Or an attempt at self-assertion. Can you see me? A project of reflection, investigation, research Giulia Laddago proposes and develops in two exhibition routes and two different operating modes. Central theme is the act visually as 'instrument' exploratory factor with a view to understanding personal and social identity. Laddago examines and focuses on the sense of seeing and the practice of looking to the next, crucial in the perception of reality mediated by the eye of the beholder. Are brought to light two reflections, seeing tied to a vision of the surface, immediate and instinctive, and see in the sense, we can say contemporary, in terms of social-media influence.
Quoting the author, " Blinded by the visible, we citizens of the twenty-first century we move making our way, looking for someone to still be able to see us . " The question into project would be most relevant, we are continuously searching for a lost identity, maybe ever had, hence the importance of stress and linger in meditation starting from just what is and what is the value of the act of seeing in terms of personal recognition and interpretation of reality. Both paths where the project unfolds Can you see me? reflect issues related to identity and just to see how the discovery of oneself and of others in the act of vision, a part of a series of portraits made ​​in the optical bench, half a result of a choice than ever determinative of a direct approach between subject and photographer: the desire to meet and story. The idea of setting the act of seeing, understood as a visual merge and mutual recognition, meet again and find themselves in the eyes of those who are facing. In this sense, the photograph as an extension of view is revealed, according to our own, an excellent vehicle of human feeling.

On the other hand, a photo and audio installation, a kind of diary, in which Laddago record the faces and voices of five guys who express a profound sense of waiting with no expectations, expressions of loneliness and disappointment towards a reality that not 'see them' and which corresponds to the strong feeling to look over, wanting to go beyond the precarious contingency above them by forcing them to an emotional limbo, a seemingly quiet shelter from which it is difficult to get away for fear of facing the indifference of a world that can easily be able to see without looking.
Proposal for a patent:
The project Can you see me? continues and starts in medias res from the public vernissage. Visitors may wish to participate in the LIVE SHOOTING that will create a new series of portraits on the theme of sight and identity.
Julia Laddago | Can you see me?
edited by Amalia Di Lanno
from 14 March to 11 April 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, March 14, 2014, 20.00 hours visit: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 21:00 Admission: Free Workshops Cultural Bitonto Largo Gramsci 7 70032 Bitonto (Ba) mediapartner: Ilsitodell'arte The second edition 10x10 project is implemented under the " Competition for the selection and funding of new innovative cultural events "of Yards project - Cultural Cultural Center of Excellence, which had access to the regional funding for the " Support for the Management of Public Spaces for the creative youth . "

Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome back Spring - Festival of Art and Color in Gioia del Colle

The " Cuber-Art "of volcanic Umberto Colapinto in collaboration with the non-profit association of Gioia del Colle " World ancient and modern times "present the event" Welcome Back Spring "to be held in the hospitable town in Puglia 22 to 30 March 2014
Subtitled as " Festival of Art and Colour "the auspicious cultural initiative, which received the patronage of the City of Gioia del Colle, will be held in the Cloister of the City Palace (Piazza Margherita di Savoia, 10) and will be attended by countless local and foreign artists.
The opening is scheduled for Saturday, March 22 at 18.00. Introduce Umberto Colapinto ( President of the Cultural Center Cuber-Art ) will present the writer Anna Sciacovelli ; intervene Sergio Povia ( Mayor of Gioia del Colle ), Filippo Colapinto ( Councillor for Youth ), Piero Longo ( President of the Council of the Province of Bari ) , Sergio Fanelli ( Provincial Council ) and Nicola Cutino (President of the "World ancient and modern times ").
Guest of honor and godfather of the opening ceremony will be the painter Syrian -Zahi Issa .
During the evening the dancer Paola Brescia , aka Samira , will perform oriental dances while perturbing Jaqueline Carrasco , Dominican artist, will be demonstrating some typical dances of his homeland.
Also: Anna Sciacovelli, Savino Morelli, Lucy and Gianni Torelli Nice read some lyrics.
Barincanto, well-known popular music group ( John Grazioso, Marianne Ruggiero, Mara Solitude, Gaetano Romanelli, Piero Arcieri, Valerio Zaccaro, and Vito Vincenzo Giacovelli Scull ) , musically brighten the evening.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

against HISTORY - archeology of the form - the staff of the master Xante Battaglia

" against HISTORY - archeology of the form "is the staff of the master Xante Battaglia , a professor of painting at the Brera Academy in Milan and a major figure in the international art scene of the late twentieth century . Will be presented to the public a reasoned selection of works done by Xante Battaglia in the period between the sixties and seventies, also marking the beginning of an exhibition focusing on the critical role of the artist and the rediscovery of his long artistic production
Since the 60 Xante Battaglia has in fact been able to grasp and interpret the major avant-garde movements of the first and second century and the great movements of the postwar period, conceiving the artistic gesture as timely and authoritative reading of the historical and social events of the contemporary world and realizing the need for involvement Sensory in the events through which policy and national costumes and folk have marked the rhythm of modern history and its repeated metamorphosis of form and thought.

The project culture against HISTORY , conceived and curated by historian and art critic Gaetano Salerno and coordinated by Robert Mascher Tarantini , is divided into thematic chapters of study and will be offered in several exhibition spaces on the occasion of artistic events and subsequent touring, not easy in an attempt to provide a chronological reading, thematic and summary of the vast production of the artist and the work then please replace with the correct optical historicized
Xante Battaglia - against HISTORY. Archetype of Form
Ponte Tresa - From 2nd to March 9, 2014
Via Lugano 1 (6988)
+41 0793572548, +39 3495259573

Friday, February 28, 2014

Miguel Gomez is a Women's ExOpera of Cerignola

" Women's "is the title of the exhibition by Miguel Gomez edited by Cynthia Corral of Frederick II events that will take place at the exhibition spaces of ' ExOpera of Cerignola (Square St. Roch, 32) 22 to 28 March 2014. The presentation will take place at 19:30 on March 22 and will be held by the journalist Ileana English .
The vernissage will be enhanced by a performance by Miguel Gomez and Nilde Mastrosimone de Troyli . Will also projected video art created by the artist over the last three years of which one unpublished, dedicated to the exhibition in question.
For the closing event of the exhibition - March 28 - is scheduled performance of body art by Miguel Gomez with original music by the maestro Luigi Morley .

Miguel Gomez (Michael Loiacono ) was born in Wiesloch (Germany) in 1962. As a child follows his father, Joseph Loiacono, established artist in Paris in the 70s, and thanks to him, has the good fortune to meet and attend the workshops of Pablo Picasso and Dubuffet Bernard . But it is the encounter with Salvador Dali that mark definitely the way Miguel Gomez, bringing it closer to art in all its forms and expressions.
attended art school in Bari and 19 years, for about a year, toured Europe as an artist of the road. He returned to Italy and attended the Academy of Turin. From 1987 to 1994 he devoted himself to engraving collaborating with artists such as Emilio Greek, Sassu, Renzo Vespignani, Enrico Baj . Since 1994, dedicated to the research of new artistic expressions and since 2009, as well as painting, Miguel Gomez is expressed through body art, performance art, video art and installations.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art in the time of crisis. Greece Italy Portugal Spain

Inaugurated Friday, February 28, at the Triennale of Milan, the XXI edition of Looks Elsewhere Film Festival ; center of attention Anchors Art - Beyond Cinema is a collective dedicated to reflection on the contemporary economic and social crisis that is affecting the 'Mediterranean area, particularly Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.
Through photographic works, installations, screenings and workshops, the exhibition presents an exhibition consisting of four 'rooms', four rooms, each of which houses artists from the reference in dialogue between them, where the deep sense of dialogue between 'diversity', becomes an ideal trip in the art that reinterprets identity and landscapes understood in the context space-time contemporary, exploring the complexity of social stratification and the anthropological and artistic life of the artists and their countries of origin .
At 19.00, the Mostr will open to the public and will dance the Sirtaki the opening performance. A performance of traditional Greek dancing by the master Krypotos Zacharias in collaboration with the Hellenic Centre of Milan.

SECTION ITALY - in collaboration with Piero Pozzi
Algorithms EMOTIONAL - mixed media on canvas, Letizia Galli
ATHENA - photographs, Gabriele Micalizzi
CALABRIA NOW - photography, Andy Rocchelli
THE TREASURE - photographs, Alexander Ruzzier
THE TOTEM - installation, Alfredo Ferrari, THE ENIGMA OF BEAUTY - acrylic on paper, Fulvia Mendini
REFLECTIONS - photographs, Nunzio Battaglia
MONEY ARTIST - installation, Melina Scalise / Space Tadini
DEBT SECURITIES - installation, Stefania Scattina
A LIGHT IN THE DARK - photographs, Piero Pozzi
EVOLUTION OF A NEW SPECIES - installations, Patrizia Lottini
SECTION GREECE - edited by Pierre Kaloussian Velissiotis
CONNECTED / Unconnected - oil on canvas, Miltos Manetas
COMPLAINT - oil on canvas, Tassos Alamanos
GOLDEN NEWSPAPER - mixed media, Panos Tsagaris
Τ.Α.Μ.Α. HOUSE - photographs, Maria Papadimitriou
BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY '- mixed media, Jenny Kodonidou
SECTION PORTUGAL - by Roberto Cremascoli
CASA DOS PRAZERES - Video installation, José Adrião
THE SHADOW OF THINGS AHEAD - Installation, José Barrias
PIGS - text and sound installation, Theodolinda Gersao
HANDS - installation, Octavi Mateu Serra & Plate
LI 'WHERE ARE BORN GODS - mixed media works, Jose Molina
LOOKS ON MADRID - photographs, Mirko Sotgiu

EAST INDIA, Miltos Manetas, Greece
Matriarchs, Floriana Chailly, Italy, 2014, 25 '
OUT OF PLACE THE PIANIST, Jacopo Albertini, Simon Carnival, Katayoon Karimipour, Luke
Tantimonaco, Italy, 2014

BE MS [ART] Frulio Francis, Richard Marras, Antonio Sechi, Elena Turtas, Italy, 2014.2 '
UNTITLED Sara Bottaini, Robert Catanese, Valentina De Lisio, Fathia Tayseir, 2014
Art in the time of crisis. Greece Italy Portugal Spain
La Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna 6, Milan
Tuesday / Sunday at 10.30/20.30
Thursday at 10.30/23.00
Monday closed
Admission: € 6/5/4

Press Office Looks Elsewhere
Francesca Gerosa c. +39.340.2350215
Michela Giorgini c. 8,717,927 +39,339
Press and Communication Office La Triennale di Milano
tel. 02-72434205/247

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Apulia Film Commission inaugurates the third prong of Cineporti di Puglia in Foggia, Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014 Apulia Film Commission will inaugurate the third prong of Cineporti di Puglia in Foggia.
The opening ceremony will begin at 10:30 am with a meeting open to operators in the audiovisual and cultural operators in the area. Then continue with a press conference at 12.00. Upon presentation attended by the President of the Region of Puglia Nichi Vendola , Regional Councillor for Mediterranean Culture and Tourism Silvia Godelli , the president of Promodaunia Billa Council and the President and the Director of the Apulia Film Commission, respectively Antonella Gaeta and Silvio Maselli . Cineporto: Via San Severo at KM 2.00 (Ex Mediafarm) - Foggia

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The eternal return to BONIONI Art Gallery of Reggio Emilia

The Art Gallery BONIONI of Reggio Emilia has, from March 1 to April 13, 2014, " The Eternal Return ", group exhibition curated by Nicholas B onechi with works by Mirko Baricchi, Rudy Cremonini, Marco Ferri, Federico Gori, Luca Moscariello, Simon Pellegrini .
The exhibition, which takes its title from a fundamental concept of Nietzschean philosophy, born from dialogue between artists of the gallery ( Baricchi, Ferri, Moscariello, Pellegrini ) and new proposals ( Cremonini, Gori ), joined in a curatorial project.

Questioning the role of the artist in the contemporary world, the exhibition offers a parallel between the Superman of Nietzsche, which exceeds the hypocrisy of society through the affirmation of his own passions, and the artist, non-partisan figure, and host of evocative new possibilities.
As he writes Nicholas Bonechi , " were selected six authors, all of whom look to their own time, it relates to precise coordinates, it becomes an instrument to measure within a sociological and cultural process in continuous turmoil " .
Rudy Cremonini (Bologna, 1981) presents three works in oil on canvas in which human silhouettes and butterflies, a metaphor of transformation and rebirth, are raised by magma density. Federico Gori (Meadow, 1977) focuses his attention on the natural beauty, the same time the subject of the work and technical resource, as his plates are obtained by natural oxidation. Simone Pellegrini (Ancona, 1972) exposes some compositions with anthropomorphic figures, mazes and subject to transformation, set out on the final support from a variety of matrices paper. Mirko Baricchi (La Spezia, 1970) offers a selection of works on canvas, the result of a harmonious balance between drawing and painting, where freedom child meets the rationality of adulthood. Luca Moscariello (San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna, 1980), a veteran of a solo exhibition at the gallery, presents recent works in which elements of everyday life are layered on the table, creating a general feeling of alienation. Marco Ferri (Tarquinia, Viterbo, 1968), and finally, compares with the essence of matter through three-dimensional structures: geometric scores, sometimes modular, dictated by the passage of time.
The group, which will be inaugurated on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 17:00, will be open until April 13, 2014, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 8:00 p.m..
For more information:
Art Gallery BONIONI
Corso Garibaldi, 43
42121 Reggio Emilia
Tel / Fax 0522 435765

Monday, February 24, 2014

MILANO GALLERIES. From parts of the sculpture and painting

The Tri ennale of Milan hosts from 25 February to 23 March 2014, the show MILANO GALLERIES. From parts of the sculpture and painting , curated by Francesco Poli , organized dall'ANGAMC - National Association of Modern Art Galleries and Contemporary Art , in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Fondazione La Triennale di Milano. The exhibition aims to reconstruct, in its most experimental, a scenario of plastic and pictorial research, from the fifties of the last century up to the latest trends through sixty works by 36 Italian and international artists, by Alberto Burri Fausto Melotti by Julian Schnabel, Dennis Oppenheim, Vincenzo Agnetti to Dadamaino , many other galleries in Milan presented by the same members all'ANGAMC.
In fact, each gallery will propose a single author whose works, arranged in a chronological and thematic, will be able to stimulate a comparison between the sculptures and paintings and indicate the similarities between different languages ​​and different forms of expression, in more than half a century of history.

MILANO GALLERIES. From parts of the sculpture and painting TRIENNALE - PALACE OF ART
Milan - from February 24 to March 23, 2014
Viale Emilio Alemagna 6 (20121)
02,724,341 +39, +39 0289010693 (fax), +39 0272434208 www.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The polarity of Fluid Eleni Kolliopoulou

As part of the exhibition Ki-Video, projection of video-performance "Ohne / Without" and "Kollaps / Collapse" and video-dance "Zwischen / Between 2" and "Noir Désir". Exhibition of the series of etchings "Spiegel".

Edited by Fulvio Colangelo and Ivan Fassio, from February 26 to March 4, 2014

Eleni Kolliopoulou - Polarity Fluid

Turin - from February 26 to March 4, 2014 
+39 3407831720, +39 0118125865

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Even Frank Horvat Photography 2014 Seravezza

It will take place from February 22 to April 21, 2014 in Seravezza in Versilia (Lu), the eleventh edition of " Seravezza Photography ", an event of national scope with the artistic direction of Ivo Balderi , which each year successfully combines the great names of photography - in past years has hosted such names as Rosenblum, Berengo Gardin, Witkin, Olaf, Nachtwey, and Cagnoni - with a large audience and the world of amateur photography.
The exhibition is organized by the Foundation Medicean , from ' Culture Department of the City of Seravezza under the patronage of FIAF ( Italian Federation of Photographic Associations ) and partner UNA Hotel Versilia. too, this year's edition will be the sign of one of the most great contemporary photographers, Frank Horvat who will present a retrospective that chronicles 70 years of photographic activity. The exhibition, titled " House with Fifteen Keys "will be exhibited in the halls of Palazzo Medici , 230 avenue Amadei, from 22 February to 21 April 2014, and includes over 290 photographs tell the exceptional work done by the great master until today.

Born in 1928 in Opatija, in those years the earth today Italian Croatian town by the name of Opatija, Horvat started very young in the picture. First in Switzerland, then in Milan and Paris, where he met Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson who have always influenced by his way of working. Become one of the most popular fashion photographers but at the same time carries out an intense activity of reportage around the world documenting the life and often poverty in large cities. All these photographs are carefully collected and reconsidered by the author in the itinerary of the exhibition is divided into 15 interpretations such as "light", "human condition", "voyeur", "suspended time", "metaphors." " Looking at a photograph - says Horvat - you always expect something. For me, the keys are the common denominators of my work, putting together the photographs according to the interpretations broaden the scope of my investigation . " There is no shortage in this collection also extrapolations from personal photo projects made ​​the 80s to today, and they see this artist always looking for new creative ideas exploiting new technologies such as the iPad. So many reasons that confirm Frank Horvat as one of the most important photographers of our time and that you can afford easily to state that: " Photography is the art of not press the button . "
In addition to this great event Seravezza for three months also presents Photography workshops, portfolio, meetings and exhibitions of photographic culture of emerging photographers who have given proof of their talent and that will be exhibited in the Grand Ducal Stables .
Young proposals, this year all the women are: Marian Vanzetto with the exhibition " Landscape revealed "from February 28 to March 9, Vicenta de Nigris with " Images shiny "March 14 to 23, and Alejandra Mende (winner of the best portfolio photo Seravezza Photography, 2013), with the " lifeblood "exhibited from March 28 to April 6.
To confirm the positive experience of the previous edition of Photography Seravezza will be an exhibition dedicated to young photographers who also took part in the photography course taught by Giacomo Donati inside the 'Comprehensive School Seravezza. The photography club " Most High "years active throughout the region, will instead show a teamwork theme, as it did extremely well in the previous edition with the exhibition entitled" Displacement ".
In collaboration with Labottegalab of Marina di Pietrasanta and posted on its premises, there will be the exhibition / event Photographer Silvia Amodio and Ugo Panella titled " Portraits of Women ".
Another exhibition, with a selection of images from the permanent collection of Seravezza Photography, will be on display from March 1 to the end of the exhibition on the premises of ' UNA Hotel Versilia in Lido di Camaiore.
Thanks to the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations (FIAF), at the conclusion of the training activities and seminars, Seravezza Photography proposed to the participants of the various courses and workshops, and also to a wider audience of photographers, registration with the reading of the photographic portfolio, which will be done by experts appointed by the FIAF and author who has performed the best photographic portfolio will have the right to exhibit in the next edition of Seravezza Photography, everything will be regulated and published on the official website of the festival.
The photo exhibition "House with Fifteen Keys" by Frank Horvat and other exhibits at the Grand Ducal Stables will be open from February 22 to April 21, 2014 with hours from Thursday to Saturday 15:00 to 19:00 and 10:00 to 19:00 on Sundays and public holidays. The entrance fee is 6 € (full price) and 4 € (reduced).
Media partner magazine "Foto Cult. Technology and culture of photography " and Deaphoto of Florence.
For more information: tel. 0584757443, Twitter: @ SeravezzaPhoto and Facebook.

Seravezza Photography 2014

Seravezza (LU) - from February 22 to April 21, 2014 
Viale A. Amadei (55047) 
Already 358 Via Del Palazzo 
+39 0584757443

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Femininity radical. Lee Lozano, Alina Szapocznicow, Evelyne Axell Pinault Collection

The Museum Gucci in Florence in 2014 focused programming of Contemporary Art Space on the rediscovery of three significant protagonists of the twentieth century: the American Lee Lozano , the Polish Alina Szapocznicow and the Belgian Evelyne Axell . The collective " Femininity radical ", curated by Martin Bethenod - Director of the institutions Venetian Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana - presents a selection of nine works from the Pinault Collection .
The paintings and sculptures in the exhibition are a significant evidence of how in the sixties / early seventies, the female body, and the body of the artists in particular, has been a powerful tool for critique and subversion.
's body is understood here in a wide range : the real body, the protagonist of the works of Evelyne Axell, the body conceptual projects dear to Lee Lozano who confuse the boundary between art and life, and the fragmented body, characteristic of the sculptures on the border between art and decorative art by Alina Szapocznicow.
The body is being investigated as an object transposed into abstraction and compared to the banality of the male universe (evident in the works of Lee Lozano) and as a subject critical of the History of Art, according to the artistic thought of Evelyne Axell. But the body is also a symbol of desire, adorned with the symbols of seduction - for Axell and Szapocznicow - and its opposite: the emblem of suffering, threatened by disease and death as in the poignant representations of Szapocznicow and Lozano.
For the first time in Europe, a unique venue bringing together major works of these three artists. The course explains the singularity and radical positions conceptual Lozano, Axell and Szapocznicow, whose unconventional choices were decisive for an unjust and premature exclusion from the art world, they always refused the rules.
Their recent discovery, thanks to major solo and group exhibitions - including "Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958-1968", presented successfully in Philadelphia and at the Brooklyn Museum in New York in 2010/2011 - shows the proper attention on extraordinary freedom of thought, power and relevance of three artists of absolute value.

Femininity radical. Lee Lozano, Alina Szapocznicow, Evelyne Axell Pinault Collection GUCCI MUSEUM
Florence - from February 20 to September 7, 2014
Piazza Della Signoria (50122)
+39 055 75,923,302

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Languages ​​of the body to 77Artgallery

A group photograph of six young talents bound together by common artistic investigation: the image of the body and its gestures as every possible expression for it. The analysis focuses on the figure in motion: the face is often hidden, leaving the uncovered parts of its function. Deputies to give a sense of this expression are the individual parts of the figure or the changing context of the dye in its unreal. The result is a tribute to the human body immortalized in all its complexity .
Kalia Genoa : The protagonist of his shots is a female figure that seems to hover in delicate movements within a metaphysical atmosphere, soft, almost imperceptible. The lightness of the clothes and the calmness of the gestures mimic the vision of a dream and an escape from the reality of reality.

Chiara Mazzocchi : It comes with the project carried out in Berlin entitled "Human Alienation." Chiara works exclusively sull'autoscatto and Self Recording video and corporeality. It portrays in different positions and situations, often covering their faces with stockings to emphasize the sense of alienation from the world given by the social mechanism imposed. The same clothing of shooting is, in some cases, physically placed on the frame, making the work a unique piece.

Ramona Zordini : It connects the two environments or worlds of different substance: air and water. His research is on the change of a spiritual condition that the body reveals. His pictures portray penetrations or immersed in liquid, they lose their independence or their approaching Apollonian harmony to our world.

Sevill Seven : Sevil Amini is an artist born and raised in Tehran Iran. The work proposed for the collective consist of naked self-portraits printed on several sheets of acetate, which is superimposed with slight distance and placed in a frame. This creates layers of color, volume and evanescent light games that are designed to enhance the physicality and spirituality at the same time the subject.

Andrea Perego : His series of works is based on the technique of collage digital photo above that as the subject of faces, apply small pictures of urban landscapes by creating an 'orderly geometric composition that aims to merge the expressiveness of the human portraits with the coldness and rigor of the spots.

Marco Casolino : If for other artists, the body is decomposed or concealed, for Casolino is an object of Pirandello's play: how the psyche is broken up into different and opposing identities, so the photographer portrait work on the body, which is his. Here, too, the project is autobiographical; language is irreverent but seriously is his vision of the world, and in a surreal explore themes such as love, sex, religion, nature and the pain.
'' The inauguration will be attended special actor and actor Julius Valentini

Body languages ​​edited by John Manzoni Piazzalunga 77 ARTGALLERY
Milan - from February 19 to March 2, 2014
Corso Di Porta Ticinese 77 (20123)
+393208753172 +39, +39 (fax) +39

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Great Illusion of Love written

The exhibition The Grand Illusion / The great illusion alludes ironically to the content of the original 128 of 123 romance novels, the starting point for many international artists invited to reflect on the theme of love.

Each artist was given a book because it was interpreted in the total creative freedom. All books, found by the curator in April 2013, in Rome, next to a dumpster for waste, are romance novels in pocket format, written in English and published in the United States between 1984 and 2012.

The idea of romantic love which underlie these novels (in key uniquely heterosexual), passionate, outrageous, adrenaline illusion that feeds the imagination and dreams of avid readers, it's an escape that becomes comforting formula through the literary invention. The actual dynamics within loving relationships and the implications of the context, are only partially (and temporarily) due to the stereotypes offered by this kind of literature.
hundred twenty-four personal interpretations of the artists that offer additional stimulus for reflection. A chorus that also expresses an access key can be selfless love: solidarity. Artists: Minou Amirsoleimani, Valentina Angels, Baldicchi Marco, Alessandra Baldoni, Enzo Barchi, Heidi Bedenknecht-De Felice, Claudio Bianchi, Benedetta Bonichi, Claudio Bonichi, Paul Buggiani, Maila Bouillon, Viviana Buttarelli, Alejandro Caiazza, Pamela Campagna, Claudio Cantelmi, Carlo Cecchi, Bruno Ceccobelli, Consuelo Celluzzi Franco Cenci, Claudia Chianese, Rupa Chordia, Fabrizio Cicero, Laura Cionci, Letizia Colella and Renata Del Doctor, Dario Coletti, Vera Comploj, Teresa Coratella and Nora Lux, Corrivetti Claudio, Angelo Jacks, Clare Dellerba, Thomas De Dona, Benjamin Demeyere, Simon of exea, Claudio Di Carlo, Mauro Di Silvestre, Gianni Dorigo, Elena El Asmar, Stefano Esposito, Laura Facchini, Gaetano Fanelli, Angela Ferrara, Ferrari Candida, Ines Fontenla, John Gaggia, Pietro Gagliano ', Antonella Gandini, Eugene Giliberti, Gianni Godi, Guido Guidi, Archana Hande, Susan Harbage Page, Satoshi Hirose, Iginio Iurilli, mojmir U. Ježek, Mikhail Koulakov, Luke washers, Giusy Lauriola, Lemeh42, Emilio Leofreddi, Loredana Longo, Lawrence Lupano, tr | is | dead, Sergio Marcelli, Melissa Marchetti, Graziano Marini, Leonardo Martellucci, Sergio Meloni, Maria Carmela Milano, Patrizia Molinari, Silvia Morera, Carla Walls, Elly Nagaoka, Massimo Nardi, Melina Nicolaides, Hyacinth Occhionero, Ottavianelli Franco, Luigi Pagano, Mirko Clowns, Daria Paladino, Angela Palmarelli, Papadia Daniela, Valentina Parisi, Stefano Parrini, Daniela Perego, Luana Perilli Emanuela Petrini, Crude Piacentimi, Antonio Picardi, Francesca Romana Pinzari Franco Profiles, Pupil, Claudia Quinteri, Quraish (Mohammed Quraiseh), Carlo Rocchi Bilancini, Mimmo Rubino, Massimo Saverio Ruiu, Virginia Ryan, Jack Sal, Lorella Salvagni, Jackie Samosa Francesco Sannicandro, Suzanne Santoro, Paco Simon, Yolanda Spagno, Rita Soccio, Giuliana Storino, Lino Strangis, Silvia Stucky, Pius Tarantini, Tröbinger Claudia Franco Trojans, Roberta Ubaldi, Gloria Valente, Delphine Valli, Fernanda Veron, Irene Veschi, Stephen Veschini, Alessandro Vignali, Vila Maria Angeles, Rita Vitali Rosati, Michael Welke, Fiorenzo Zaffina, Luke Zampetti.

The works produced and generously provided by these 123 artists have as their objective the fund raising in support of the project CAKE for Women Bait al Karama Centre, before Cooking School Slow Food convivium first and Palestinian in Nablus (Palestine). The link between the two projects, part from being "found objects" - destined to oblivion, cancellation - which returns a new possibility.
The book Cake. The Culture of dessert tradition among the Arab and West (Postcart Editions, 2013), edited by Manuela De Leonardis and implemented with the participation of artists Hassan Al-Meer, Paul Angelosanto, Yto Barrada, Beatrice Catanzaro, Maimuna Feroze-Nana, Parastou Forouhar, Maimouna Patrizia Guerresi, Susan Harbage Page, Reiko Hiramatsu, Uttam Kumar Karmaker, Silvia Levenson, Loredana Longo, MAD_Angela Ferrara and Dino Lorusso, Sükran Moral, Ketna Patel, Pushpamala N, Anton Roca, Jack Sal, Larissa Sansour and technical support Marimo - Brandlife designers and M.Th.I. Music Theatre International was born out of a notebook, an anonymous woman in the cookbook (purchased at a "charity shop" in London), who wrote in Arabic and French recipes for sweets that bear the names of women, friends and relatives.

The great illusion
Tiber Arnaldo From Brescia 15

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Canvas Art for Spider-Saman

The Spider is definitely the most sinantropico animal, such as dog, cat and bird. There has always come and live in harmony with us even if it is mistreated, hated and excluded from our suffering.
But we know in the end, you know our habits, our tastes, and even our innermost fears.
And then, as will be furnished his house? What images will surround you throughout your life? What colors will choose to remember the existence of his companions and to share the choices?
This exhibition wants to put you to the test! Will be accepted works that tell stories, but also doubts and fears you do not confess. You'll be offering you something to think about the spider to decorate his home.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a particular installation that will try to exploit the works in the context of the topic chosen and will speak.

The Tele Spider

Art Gallery "Collection Saman" 
From March 15 until March 21 
grand opening Saturday, March 15 at 18:30

Ass Cult. "Art-Saman"
Via Giulia 194 / A - Rome
Monday ¬: Closing
¬ Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 to 19:30
The President of Saman-Art:
Patrick de Magistris, 392 0525969

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Barbara Allen Key - Intimate Clusters to Muratcentoventidue Artecontemporanea

The gallery Muratcentoventidue Artecontemporanea resumes its exhibition schedule with Intimate Cluster s, a solo exhibition of Barbara Allen key , dal22 February to 30 March 2014.

The perception was and is one of the key points of the research of many artists and has always had an important role to Barbara Allen key in which the work is implicit wonder about the nature of the image produced, regardless of the medium used.
Looking implies a succession of glances directed at different points in the visual scene, as if they were a series of snapshots of areas rich in particular areas surrounded by indistinct, and then get into our brain to reconstruct a second image, stable and sharp, which is the space and the objects it contains.
Similarly, the artist who is facing calls for his works to intervene, reconstructing possible groupings of lines and points taken from the graphic content of the images, to redesign a new possibility of space, depending on whether the object of the vision appears fragmented and can not be seen in its entirety or allowed to float between different views. Intimate Clusters is precisely to each request made to reconstruct, on the basis of the images, a synthesis between fragmentation and continuity.

To investigate the perceptive sphere is installing dual projection Lapse of view, inspired by the painting Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer of Caspar David Friedrich, in which a male figure behind compared with a mountain panorama characterized by rocks and fog.
The artist wanted to resume this painting by choosing to insert a female figure in a landscape that has the same natural elements of the pictorial: a young woman, motionless, looking
The observer sees the scene through the eyes of the girl but at the same time the figure of the same immersed in the landscape, because there are multiple points of view.
Lapse is an interval, a period of time: the panorama changes in the eyes of the character, is never "under control" because of the steam that continues to flow unabated, and changes the perception. At the same time, view indicates the significance of space: not only what is in front of the character, but also that in which it is immersed.

A (Veiled) Woman By The Sea, a work that is always playing with perception, is inspired by another painting by Caspar David Friedrich, Der Mönch am Meer, where a small figure of monaco is looking at the sea and the sky before him, his back to the spectator with whom he shares the perception of the three elements - earth, water and sky - in a rarefied scene.
In the video image of the beach and the sea was split into three panes, oriented so that the horizon line appears vertically. The point of view is changed and multiplied, offering views that combine and expand over time. In this context fits a female figure walking in the water and that, once you reach the beach, lying still and motionless to look at the landscape in front of him.

Rounding off the show a few photographs, always constructed by juxtaposing different views, some of the same scene and other scenes completely different: the observer is asked to
reconstruct a summary of what lies ahead, including fragmentation and continuity.

Via G. Murat 122 / b - Bari

February 22, 2014, 19:00
22 February to 30 March 2014
Business hours
from Tuesday to Saturday, from 17.00 to 20.00

393.8704029 - 392.5985840 / MuratcentoventidueArtecontemporanea

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frenhofer Contemporary Villa of Monza

The exhibition Frenhofer - from February 13 to April 12, 2014 Contemporary Villa of Monza - is a small survey on hybridization abstract-figurative art in recent years. Although the use of different materials, the seven young artists selected ( Daniel Carpi, Jacopo Casadei, Francesca Ferreri, Fiorella Fontana, Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli, Patrizia Emma Scialpi and Marcello German ) are united by the need to represent life. The exhibition, which is curated by Andrea Lacarpia , will open today at 18:30

From the presentation of Andrea Lacarpia - "The abyss of interpretation that often intervenes between the avant-garde artist and the audience is told early on by Honoré de Balzac 's novel " The Unknown Masterpiece . "In it the author describes the ' lack of communication experienced by Frenhofer painter, working in secret for sixteen years to a naked woman he considers his masterpiece, but that will never be recognized as such. Wanting it to overcome the representation of appearances, the artist assembles a dense mass of strokes, so confused as to make unrecognizable the subject of the work. Not understanding the genesis, the first observer describes it as the masterpiece of the master: " Here I only see the colors confusedly piled, and bounded by a multitude of bizarre lines that form a wall painting . "The need to create life through signs and independent representation from allegory, becoming" body among bodies "and not mere copy of what exists, what is Frenhofer soul, but his" search for an absolute meaning has devoured all meaning to let survive only signs, forms no sens or. " The failure does not negate the revolutionary spirit of Frenhofer defined by Agamben " perfect type of the Terrorist " , citing the distinction Jean Paulhan makes the writers of " Rhetoricians, which dissolve all the meaning in the form and make this the only law of the literature " , and " terrorists, who refuse to obey this law and pursue the dream the opposite of a language that is no longer that sense of a thought in which the flame symbol is consumed entirely by putting the writer in front of the Absolute . "
An Absolute that artists today are once again be free to locate in the representation of man and of the world in the informal and organic as well as in geometry, overcoming the nihilistic aspect of the "rhetorician" and "Terrorist" and transforming the torments of Frenhofer in new synthesis of sign and meaning, in which the audience can come to recognize. The exhibition Frenhofer is a small survey on hybridization abstract - figurative art in recent years. Although the use of different materials, the seven young artists selected are united by the need to represent life, understood in organic material and transcendent, but not limited to imitate the skin but penetrates in its most structural. How to Frenhofer, the protagonist of the novel Balzac's "The Unknown Masterpiece" is the throbbing vitality of the body to be both the subject and the coveted end of artistic creation.
In the sculpture " Octagon meat " Marcello German affects an octagon marble, alluding to a flesh embedded in the language: while the alteration of the preceding narrative structures, the new story generates new bodies. In the corpus of works from the series " Golden Age ", the artist develops a parallel reality generated by an octagonal array, in which the female is the only element to be taken into account. Starting from the feeling of longing for faraway places and families, Patrizia Emma Scialpi reflects on the relationship of the body with the surrounding environment. In the works from the series " Love and Loss ", the artist uses the typical souvenir photo of the holidays, full-length portraits of people at sea, on which intervenes pictorially canceling the appearance of the subject. The identity of the figure is replaced by a body in continuity with the landscape, which is an integral part. Man's relationship with the places it lived interesting Daniel Carpi , for whom life is connected and turned from the environment with which it interacts. The head, privileged subject by the artist, is a vase transfigured in that it contains as to what is outside: the interior is contaminated with natural and social patterns leading to bizarre geological congregations that stand out against a neutral background. Forms between the organic and the geologic also appear in the works of Fiorella Fontana , in which the artist combines the flow of organic life, the spontaneous flow of thoughts. The microcosm to the macrocosm is related to an ongoing dialogue in which each particular sign is related to the whole in unity.

The perception of reality as flux emerges in the works of Francesca Ferreri . The artist, influenced by new discoveries in neuroscience, includes in its several sculptures of everyday objects, meeting vaguely organic forms that report to the perception of the vacuum as a system of relations. Through solid matter, the space becomes a tangible presence, bringing the mental associations revealed the activity of dreaming. The gap seen in its material substance is also present in the works of Jacopo Casadei . Through overlapping signs and vibrant colors, the artist outlines moving masses and indefinite that keep echoing through impalpable figurative allusions to the organic world that the artist suggests the viability of gestural sign. The movements of the body, expressed by Casadei in a soft and curvilinear pictorial, are transcribed with linear geometries from Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli . In the project "tan Ta" the artist has collaborated with a dancer, with it reflecting on the perception of the movement as abstract forms in space. The dance movements were interpreted by the artist through projections of lines and shapes from the singular lightness, subjective interpretations subsequently used by the dancer as an outline for further dance, paving the way for a potentially infinite hall of mirrors. "


Monza - from February 13 to April 12, 2014 
Via Bergamo 20 (20900) 
+39 339 3531733

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