Ellen Uzane Schneiderman at Dutch Kills Gallery

Un'importante mostra della giovane artista americana (nata nel 1982, Los Angeles, vive e lavora a Long Island City).

Ellen Uzane Schneiderman's mixed media works are influenced by systems that categorize species and specimens, macro and microbiological forms, and her own tendencies to organize, record, and contain. She is a sloppy scientist. As she embraces her obsessive instincts, she is also invested in exploring and revealing her own elegant mess.

In her paintings, nested rectangles of cut paper house globs of dried paint and create imperfect grids. Inked patterns are covered by poured acyclic mediums to become new images based on actions of chance. Chunks of paint and mixed color from her palette, often from past paintings (failed or realized), become collected sediment. Entangled painterly gestures are obstructed and revealed by dovetailed shapes. These involved processes and meticulous constructions are created with a deep consideration for the painting’s physical surface and materiality.

In addition, on view is a selection of new works by gallery artists.

Also, guest artists Rebecca Herman and Mark Schoffner will be exhibiting their work, Hunting Blinds.

Rebecca Herman and Mark Schoffner
Hunting Blinds, 2007

Hunting Blinds is a pair of 12-foot tall sculptures designed to scale the corners of the high concrete walls of the outdoor gallery space at the Black & White Gallery, Williamsburg. Hunting Blinds was inspired by the vernacular architecture used by hunters, but here it allowed for discreet observation of visitors in the Village Green Pillory. The imposing blinds use a naturalistic leaf pattern to mimic the forest. Transposed to a social urban setting, the camouflage instead announces a possible threat.

Dutch Kills Gallery
37-24 24th Street, Suite 402
Long Island City, NY 11101

website: dutchkillsgallery.com


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